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Do Bloggers Really Answer Questions Posted In Their Title?

That’s a good question…


[end post]

Just kidding.  I read TONS of blogs every day.  I enjoy reading and I suppose I see blogs as some kind of social status of humankind.  Many bloggers are willing to share their opinions, directions and advice.  It can be helpful, and at times eye opening.  I see many posts, however, with unanswered questions, and incomplete thoughts.


Many bloggers are absolutely brilliant at posing a question in their title.  I click many blogs that have engaging titles only to find that the content is lacking in an answer.  Perhaps I’m the only one who sees this as annoying.  Maybe I am expecting too much.  Fair enough.

One post I see is along these lines is “How do you get more followers?” or similarly “How to get more customer”.  You may or may not know that I have a shop on Etsy.  Like many who are trying to make their online shops successful, I seek insights from those who have been there and are willing to share their knowledge.

Years ago, I was going through a period of unemployment in my career.  I received a ridiculous amount of emails about how to find the right job and successfully interview for them.  None of them were worth the words in the email.  Unfortunately there are some who unethically enjoy preying on the misfortunes of other to get a click.

I don’t put bloggers in this category.  I believe most mean well and truly want to help and/or impart their knowledge to others.

When I click on an intriguing title, such as, “How to get more customer”, and I see things like, “Provide excellent customer service” it is apparent to me that the answer will not be provided in that post.  You see, you can only provide excellent customer service to… CUSTOMERS.  You cannot leap frog from not having customers to providing excellent customers without the middle step of GETTING CUSTOMERS.  It’s kind of like looking for a job to get experience, and not being hired because you lack experience.  A dizzying circle of disappointment.


I continue in my search for the answers I seek.  I hope at some point, I will be pleased with a post that answers the question in the title.  Until then, I will continue to click.




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