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Designing Fabric

When you start down the path of crafty entrepreneurialism, you never really know what you may have to do to succeed.  I took a business personality test and was told that I am an explorer.  I’m not sure how accurate those things are, or what that means for being an entrepreneur, but that’s ok.  I have indeed always been one to try different challenges, so maybe there is something to it.

business woman at work on computer showing thumbsup sign clipartBeing the sole person in a creative business, you wear many different hats.  Since I opened shop in 2010, I have been involved in a never ending tutorial of online business learning.  I have been pushed to improve my copywriting, photography, business logistics, pricing and procurement, manufacturing, law, taxes, and that’s all before breakfast! (just kidding)

One area that I’ve dipped my toe into recently has been fabric design.  Really, the only ideas I had about fabric was what I wanted for particular projects.  As someone who can get specific about how a project needs to look, I know the frustration of not finding exactly what you want.  So, like so many other things, I thought, “How can I make this?”

That’s when I got familiar with Spoonflower.  After designing some patterns for my own needs, I saw how easy their website is for beginners, and started to dabbled a bit more with graphic design.

Coming from a technical background, using design software didn’t bother me much.  There was, and still is, a learning curve of seeing what the software can do, but with YouTube, you can teach yourself a lot.  The software I chose to use is Inkscape, which is free, and pretty robust.  If you are interested in reading about a few other suggestions, you could try a few of the links in this Spoonflower blog post.

The very first pattern I made for ‘public consumption’ was this umbrella pattern.  I was really into color and wanted to make something fun while I was learning the technical ins and outs of it all.

Spoonflower umbrellas

I’ve since made a few more patterns.




One of the fun aspects about Spoonflower is their design challenge.  One of their challenges, specified a color palette to use. I believe the colors were, cucumber, mellon and peach.  The RGBA was given in their instructions.  These are the three patterns I submitted.


I didn’t win the challenge, but I was quite happy to be a part of it, and have a little acknowledgement of my designs.

If you’ve ever thought about designing patterns for fabric, or just want to try your hand at graphic design, I encourage you to do so.  It can be quite fun, and the possibilities are endless.  Plus, you can offer them for sale on Spoonflower.  My shop is here.  If you are unsure about how it all works, I’m happy to share the knowledge I’ve acquired so far.

Happy Designing!



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