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Summer Time


Ah, summer time.  The time when Floridians enjoy their air conditioning the most.  Not my favorite season any more.  If you live north of the heat drenched south, I’m sure you’re enjoying your long sunny days and mild evenings with lightening bugs (or fireflies, depending on where you live).  I’m enjoying the daily thunderstorms and mosquitos.

This is the time of year I lock myself in my sewing room and dream of winter.  (I’m not kidding)  So, the fruit of my labor is more bags!  I have finally gotten a few bags back in stock that had sold out, like this khaki and blue suede wristlet.


I’ve also expanded on this design a bit and made it in a different color palette.


I’m also happy to say that I am now a part of the Handmade on Amazon sellers.  I am so so excited about this.  Don’t get me wrong, I started on Etsy and still enjoy that platform, but I think Amazon has so much more potential.

So, think of me down here in Florida while you enjoy your summer fun.  I’ll be huddled around my sewing machines while I listen to the hum of my a/c.




My business is Crooked Smile Creations. It's located at

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