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Rabbit Hole, 2017 Edition

So, remember me?  I’m like a long lost friend you run into on the street every few years, and wonder where she’s been.  Well, I’m always here, but I’m not great at blogging.  I really wish I were, but I’m pretty undisciplined when it comes to writing down my thoughts.

Anyway, here we are at 2017.  Some people reflect on the previous year and plan, schedule and set goals to outdo or undo what was done in the previous year.  That’s not me.  I’m not really into the past, but I do understand the need for reflection.  I really don’t schedule or set goals for each month or have a list of what I want to do in these 12 months.  Truth be told, I don’t know what to eat for lunch from day to day.

I’m pretty ok with it considering in my leisurely schedule of soft pursuits, I came up with the design of my popular keychain wallets.  Let’s call that a non-scheduled win.


I did set some soft goals over the past year.  For instance, I have wanted for a long time to use leather in my bags and have dabbled a bit over the past year to do that.  I started incorporating suede into my wristlets and came up with this little bag which was quite popular over the Christmas shopping season.


I even bought a stronger sewing machine.  This beast.


It sews leather ‘ok’ but not great.  I have to keep trying to get it to work for me, using walking feet, teflon presser feet, stronger thread, etc.  When it comes down to it, it simply doesn’t do what I want.  So, I have looked for a walking foot machine off and on only to see the scary priced tags that make it prohibitive.

Well, fast forward to current day and feast your eyes on this lil gizmo.


Holy Hannah!  It’s a walking foot semi-industrial sewing machine.  It’s the first walking foot machine I have bought.  It is a little scary.  I may lose a finger.  Or my eyesight.  There’s no lights on this bad boy.  Apparently lights are for sissies.

So.  Here we are.  2017.  A whole new twelve months worth of possibilities.  Let’s see where we end up, shall we?



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