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The Crooked Smile Anti-Social Network

I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at using social networking.  Putting myself out into the online world isn’t something that comes natural to me.  It wasn’t until maybe two years ago that I got a smart phone.  It’s not even the latest, greatest one.  It’s one that my husband had that I started using when he upgraded to the latest, greatest one.


Facebook has been around since 2004.  I joined after I opened an Etsy shop, which was in 2010.  I probably wouldn’t have joined at all except a personal page is a requirement for a business page.  If you have been so gracious as to follow me on Facebook, you will understand when I say I am no good at this online presence stuff.  My Instagram account is also in a sad state.  My sister and husband suggested I use Snapchat, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use the app.  The only site I probably use with any consistency is Twitter, and I’ve heard it’s not so relevant any more.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  There are so many other sites like Pinterest, Periscope, and I’m sure others that I’ve never even heard of.


All of this is to tell you just how miserable I really am at using social media.  I just do not remember to photo, catalogue and share what I’m up to each day.  Really, I don’t remember to do it once a week.  I didn’t go through my teens with a phone in my pocket and a camera pointing at every moment of my day.  I am no more proficient at taking a selfie than I am at speaking Swahili.  It’s just not natural to me and I never have the thought to capture and share things until it’s completely over.  Then I have the thought, “Oh, that would have been something to share…”  Yeah.  I’m guess I’m slow like that.

It all seems to be a bit overwhelming from a business perspective.  Those in the know will tell you to set up a schedule and use software to share and post automatically for you.  It should have a curated theme and composition well thought through and projected a week in advance.

Me too kid, me too

Ugh.  Will I ever be good at using social networking?  I don’t know.  I hope so.  All I can say is, I will certainly try.  If you do follow me online, I thank you, and appreciate your patience.




My business is Crooked Smile Creations. It's located at

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