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A few deviations

Lately I have been sewing many other things besides handbags and wallets.  I’m not sure why life has taken me in this direction, but I’ve just gone with the flow.  It started when we got new furniture.  IMG_7529Pretty huh?  The old furniture was 15 years old, so it lived a long furniture life considering what it went through in our house.  The ottoman is seriously HUGE.  It is the spot for the dog to lay on, and our old covers weren’t big enough for this new big thing.  So I decided to make a quilt, of sorts.

Traditional quilters may not appreciate how I made it.  I’ve been known to not follow the rules, so that applies to this too.  I saw some table cloths on clearance at Target that I decided would do.  For the batting, I used a bunch of old towels that had been taking up space in the linen closet.  I just sewed them together with a zigzag stitch to make one large piece and then cut it down to size.  It’s pretty heavy duty with all that terry cloth in the middle. (Did I mention it’s for the dog?)  I had enough material that I cut off of one of the table cloths to make the bias tape, so it worked out well.  IMG_7523IMG_7525

I’m also working on one more cover.  I actually bought batting for this one though.  It is using a medley of fabrics that my sister sent me from her quilt shop.  By the way, if you are in Lincoln, Illinois, you should go check out her shop!  I should be finishing this project in the next few days.  Here is the cover: IMG_7534

Another completed project was a jean jacket.  My online friend Cherie provided a link to a Craftsy class.  She is a pattern maven and a Craftsy instructor and you should all visit her page for some awesomeness.  This particular class wasn’t hers, but the sale was $19.99 for the pattern and video class.  I had the denim from a previous job, and it was sitting there taking up room, so I thought, “Hey, let’s do it.”

So first let me say, I’m not one to sew clothing.  Pattern sizes and fabric hang are just not something I can easily figure out.  I think there is a little bit of a dance between the technical sewing and the art of fabric craft that hasn’t quite clicked for me yet with clothing.

This pattern has 19 pieces!  That’s quite a few, but they all came together quite well.  The video aspect showed more than just how to sew this particular pattern.  There were some trade skills taught too, and the instructor, Janet Pray makes it fun and very easy to follow along.

I didn’t take many photos while I was making it.  I guess I was in the zone.  I also didn’t know how it would turn out and didn’t think about blogging about it.  (how’s that for self confidence?)

This photo is about halfway through the class.  The front panels have a breast pocket and a welt pocket, as you can see here.  The back panel is finished here.    IMG_1974

Having used the heaviest denim known to man and the sizing of the pattern, which for me was XXS, meant there were many challenges for me.  I have a few strong sewing machines that can handle denim and leather without too many challenges, but the top stitching of the seams of this denim was quite a challenge.  I got it done, but if I were to do it again, I would use lighter denim, for sure.  At the very least, I would make the yoke, cuff interior and collar underside in an alternate fabric to lessen the bulk.

So here is the final piece.  IMG_1981

It doesn’t have buttons or button holes on the cuff or front.  Cherie suggested using snaps with the thicker fabric.  I agree.  Buttonholes would be crazy frustrating.

Now that I have all these side projects wrapped up (nearly) I will be returning to my leather handbag line.  It’s been a fun little deviation.



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2 thoughts on “A few deviations

  1. I love how you made that dog blanket – brilliant!! and your pup looks perfectly happy on it 🙂 The other quilt looks like it will be a great addition to your new furniture too. I haven’t even tried to dabble in making clothes – it takes way too much brain power for me, lol But your denim jacket looks very nice!


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