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The little bag that grew up

Summer has finally arrived!  This summer is shaping up to be an amazing growth for me design-wise.  My popular design of wristlets have grown up to be other bags!

The hardware that I put on the front has always been a unique feature.  It adds a little style and function that is a little boho, a little chic and just a lot of fun.  Now, I’ve added the same design features to crossbody bags!



How fun is that?  Summer is the time to go outside and enjoy the music, the sun and the warmth.  Walks and bike rides are just better when you’re not weighted down, am I right?

These are so fun to make.  I know it might sound odd, since I already make wristlets with these features, but a crossbody bag is just a fun little twist for these little bags.  Plus YOU get a great little addition to your bag collection!

I’ll be adding to this line through out the summer along with a few more variations AND something that will be entirely new.


Stay Tuned!  More exciting updates to come.



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